Sunday, January 12, 2014

Baby Time

I am sitting at my laptop in a panic. I have a VBAC mom in early labor and another mom scheduled to go in for an induction tonight. My oldest daughter is also headed back to college in the early morning, so we are making her a big dinner to enjoy as a family. It is my mothers birthday tomorrow, as well.  We have a mom lunch scheduled with 20 mothers attending and a childbirth class at 7pm in the evening. I wonder how on earth this will all fall in to place....
I'm messaging my partners and asking them who is available as a backup. We try our best to keep from using backup, but it happens, and I am so blessed to have these amazing women supporting me. Within seconds I start hearing the chimes of incoming messages, saying I can be at the induction, I can moderate the mom lunch, I can teach the childbirth class etc... Thank God for our practice!
A weight is lifted off my shoulders and I know I can relax and breathe.

I am sitting here thinking about my wonderful, crazy, unpredictable life. I can never make definitive plans or have a few cocktails. I can never skip town for the heck of it or forget my cell phone, or go to sleep with the ringer off. I have missed birthday parties, basketball and baseball games, dinner dates and teacher meetings. I have missed countless hours, lets just call it days, worth of sleep. When I am invited anywhere my answer is usually, I will be there if I'm not at a birth or recovering from one. I think about how lucky I am to have a supportive family and kids who understand the miracle of birth and that babies come when they are done "cooking".  I am blessed to have friends who stay my friends even though I stand them up time and time again.

I love that I live on "baby time", its a fly by the seat of your pants kind of life but its miraculous and rewarding beyond words. To realize that I am playing a very small role in the love story and legacy in someones life is worth every minute....the clock just tells us it's a moment in time, after all.

So tonight while I am trying to figure out how to make it all work, and how to time it all right I have to laugh and remind myself that my time card is stamped by God and the oh so perfect timing of the babies waiting to make their way earth side.... I am honored to work on their time.