Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just to see him smile....

Gabriel is my fifth child. He was not in our 'plan', but I am so glad God had a different plan for me. He is a blessing in so many ways. I truly do not believe our family would be complete without our sweet, blue eyed boy. I consider him the best surprise ever; and the joy of my heart.
Today, Gabriel lost his first tooth. It has been wiggly for days; making it difficult to bite into some of his favorite foods, like apples, and 'meat on the bone' (as he calls it). So tonight after dinner, I asked him if he wanted me to pull it. ...
(Now, I will tell you, I am a professional tooth puller....I can usually get a wiggly tooth out in less than one wiggle :)
He asked if it would hurt and after I told him he wouldn't even notice it, he got me a napkin and I pulled it out. He was so excited. He had the biggest smile when I showed him his tooth.

All I could do is cry. The first tooth he lost was also, not so long ago, the same tooth that caused him a week of drooling and sore gums.... and then it finally broke through and forever stole from me, his sweet, toothless, baby grin.
Now already starting to grow in, is a big tooth. The same lower, central incisor he will have as an adult.

Tonight, as we prepare for the tooth fairy to pay us a visit, I cannot help but remember the very first time I saw his smile. I will never forget the way my heart melted the first time he knowingly lifted his little mouth into a glorious grin. Then one tooth, then two, then three, then four.....until never more was his mouth an empty little mouth; but one filled with bright, white milk teeth..... and today, my last baby, lost his first 'baby tooth'.

At our house when the fairy comes, she leaves behind not only money; but "fairy dust" (or glitter) left behind by her fluttering wings.....and in the morning he will wake up with a smile.
That is if he doesn't catch her first....