Monday, December 30, 2013

Our year in review

North Dallas Doula Associates, a year in review.

Looking back on 2013, I have so much to be thankful for. Early in the year we invited Kiesha Baker to join the practice, and for those of you who know her, we are so lucky she said yes. She has so much to offer our practice and has had a very successful first year in practice. We are very proud of her accomplishments and know she will continue to educate and empower herself, as well as, those who she supports.  Shortly following the addition of Kiesha, we asked Nikki Knowles to join us. She has definitely completed our team of birth doulas, and we could not feel more enthusiastic about our potential to offer the best doula services in the metroplex.

Most recently, we hit the jack pot with Courtney White, IBCLC. She is our lactation "sensation" and post partum doula extraordinaire. She keeps us laughing with her amazing sense of humor  and offers our families incredible knowledge and experience during the 4th trimester.  We could not be the practice we are without her.

I cannot write this without sending a shout out to the original team, Christine and Michelle. They have been here through thick and thin and without them, quite frankly, North Dallas Doula Associates would not exist. They helped support my vision to develop a practice of doulas working with the same philosophy and experience to create what has turned out to be known as NDDA by potential clients, midwives, and physicians alike. It is incredible to hear people refer to us collectively as NDDA. Wow, we are a brand and its because of these sisters.
And then there is, Becky. If you know her you know there are just no words....all I can say is she helps me keep my sh*t straight  and I love her BIG time.

In September, we incorporated a sister practice in Tarrant County, to be known as TCDA, Tarrant County Doula Associates. It consists of another remarkable group of women with the sole purpose of offering knowledge, peace, education, and empowerment to the women of Fort Worth. I am thrilled to have them in our sisterhood and I am ever so excited for the future and the clients they will serve. Please check them out at
The addition of the TCDA girls allowed me to team up with Nikia Lawson, crazy, amazing, ball of fire who has opened a door for us in the education world. NDDA has started offering DONA approved birth doula workshops and we are proud to report we have been very successful in training over 20 brand new doulas in the last few months. What an amazing way to give back to the profession we love so fiercely. I am loving these new opportunities and looking forward to many more trainings in 2014.

I want to end this note by sending out a heart felt thank you to all the families who have let us join them on their journeys this year. We often get thank you notes from you, but I want you to know the thanks belong to you. You allow us to continue to do what we love for a living and to stand beside you and witness miracles and your first moments as mothers and fathers. There is no greater gift than your trust, and the sweet sound of new life and "I did it" moments that you share with us. Sincerely,  thank you to the 371 mom's of 2013 who let us hold your hand, wipe your brow, press your hips, squeeze your shoulders.....we have learned so much from you and we will never ever forget the sacred space you allowed us to share. Happy New Year and Cheers from our family to yours!

All in! ~ Melissa

 I hear babies cry, and I watch them grow, They'll learn much more than I will ever know. And I think to myself, "What a Wonderful World"

~Weiss and Thiele "What a Wonderful World"